Competitive Programming at UCSD

The Leadership Team

The Competitive Programming Club at UCSD is a student-led organization. The current leadership is:

  • President: Zihan Wang
  • Coaching Team: Zihan Wang, Shuxin Chen
  • Faculty Advisor: Jingbo Shang, Joe Politz
  • Principal and Admin Members: Kewen Zhao, Sunwoo Kim, Zhizhen Yu

UCSD Teams in Competitions


All teams @ICPC_2021-2022

  • For ICPC 2021-2022 this year, UCSD Team Two (Chengsong Diao, Dun Ma, and Shuangmu Hu) advanced to North America Championship. Before that, six teams represented our school to participate in the SoCal ICPC Regional. Our best two teams placed thrid and seventh. Check out our Facebook post for more!

  • For ICPC 2020-2021, we sent five teams to the SoCal ICPC Regional, our best two teams placed first and third in the regional. They further attended the North American Division Championship and ranked first and fifth. The top team attended the North American Championship and ranked sixth overall, winning a bronze medal and advancing to the World Finals that has been scheduled in Nov, 2022 in Bangladesh. CSE news about this.

  • In ICPC 2019-2020, we sent four teams to the SoCal ICPC Regional, and our best team placed third. That team went on to participate in the North American Championship.